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Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison: Meet the Son of Michelle Rocca With Van Morrison

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison: Meet the Son of Michelle Rocca With Van Morrison

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison is popularly known as the son of a former Irish beauty queen, Michelle Rocca with her ex-husband, Irish singer-songwriter, Van Morrison. Keep reading to find out more about Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison such as his age, “Aibbe Rocca Morrison”, Shana Morrison, Michelle Rocca, Van Morrison children, son, wife, Gigi Lee, Janet planet, how tall is Van Morrison, Van Morrison height, Van Morrison wife, van Morrison net worth, is Van Morrison married, what is van Morrison’s real name, and much more.


Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison Wikipedia

The parents of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison are well renowned in the Irish entertainment industry.

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison
SANTA MONICA, CA – MAY 19: Singer-songwriter Van Morrison records ‘It’s Too Late to Stop Now’ live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on May 19, 1973, in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Ed Caraeff/Getty Images)

His mother, Michelle Rocca, is not just the former Miss Ireland, she was the second runner-up of the 1981 Miss International. Also, his father, Van Morrison, is a famous singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland.

The two have been married for over twenty years. While they were together, they gave birth to two children. They are Aibbe Rocca Morrison and Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison.

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The Meaning of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison

His first name ‘Fionn’ is a Scottish Gaelic and Irish masculine name, which is derived from a byname meaning “white” or “fair-haired”.


Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison Age

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, michelle rocca

The celebrity kid was born sometime in 2007, but the exact day and month of his birth are not known. As of the day of writing this article, Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison is 17 years old of age.

His parents met and fell in love with each other sometime in the summer of the year 1992. After dating for a while, Van Morrison and Michelle Rocca tied the knot in the 90s.

In 2006, the couple welcomed their first child, a girl named Aibbe Rocca Morrison. A year later, Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison was born.

Currently, there isn’t much information about the 16-year-old. His parents have chosen not to disclose much data about Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, such as his education, early life, photos, height, weight, and so on.


His Half-Siblings

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison has four other siblings apart from his sister, Aibbe Rocca Morrison. They happen to be his half-siblings from his parents’ past relationships.

His mother, Michelle Rocca, was once married to John Devine, who happens to be an Irish International footballer. They were together from 1981 to 1990, this was before Michelle met Fionn’s father, Von Morrison.

While they were together, Rocca gave birth to two children for the footballer. Their names are Danielle Rocca Devine and Natasha Rocca Devine, both girls.

Natasha Rocca Devine, the half-sister of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, is an Irish-Italian Author, Interiors Editor, Designer, and YouTuber who is staying in-between in her homes in Dublin, London, and Los Angeles.

Also, the mother of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison was in a relationship with a Gaelic footballer from County Laois named Cathal Ryan. The couple gave birth to a girl named Claudia Ryan.

As regards Fionn’s dad, Van Morrison, he was once married to Janet Planet Rigsbee. Together, they gave birth to a girl called Shana Caledonia Morrison.

Like her father, Shana Caledonia Morrison is also an Irish-American singer-songwriter.

The parents of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison have completely shielded him from the spotlight, in such a way that the paparazzi has not caught a glimpse of what the celebrity kid looks like.

As such, he cannot be found on any social media platform. Even if Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison is on Instagram, he is probably using a secretive username, as he cannot be found.

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The Former Wife of Van Morrison, Michelle Rocca

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, michelle rocca, how tall is van morrison

Michelle Rocca is a former model, beauty queen, and television presenter, who is popularly known as the ex-wife of Irish singer-songwriter, Van Morrison. Most importantly, she is the mother of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison.

Her parents are Paddy Rocca and Maureen Rocca. Her grandfather is the famous Egidio Rocca, the Italian immigrant who founded the Rocca Tiles successful business.


Her Early Life

The mother of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison was raised in a large family along with two brothers and two sisters. She studied Greek and Roman Civilization and Italian and French Archaeology at the University College Dublin.

She has two degrees from different universities. One from Bristol University in Bristol, England, and an MA from Trinity College in Dublin.

In 1980, the former television presenter won the Miss Ireland title. She also was the 3rd finalist in the 1981 Miss International pageant.

Michelle paid her dues by working in the family business, at the same time doing her modeling on the side. In 1987, she became a television presenter at RTE.

She had the opportunity to work alongside Pat Kenny in 1988, as they co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. This was done in the presence of 600 million viewers of worldwide audience.

The mother of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison currently has a Master’s degree in English and Philosophy and works as a psychology and motivational teacher.


Her Personal Life

At the early age of 17, she started dating former Arsenal and Irish International football player, John Devine. They later got married in 1981 and settled in England.

They gave birth to two children, Danielle and Natasha. In 1987, the couple parted ways, and then she and her daughters relocated to Dublin. The couple officially got divorced in 1990.

Michelle Rocca soon met Cathal Ryan. Cathal is known to be the son of Tony Ryan, the multi-millionaire who owned Guinness Peat Aviation, and co-owned Ryanair.

The love birds got engaged and lived together for two years. After which they separated while Michelle was pregnant with their daughter, Claudia Ryan. She was given birth sometime in the month of April 1991.

In 1992, little did Michelle Rocca know that she was soon to be the wife of Van Morrison, a Northern Irish singer-songwriter. In fact, she was the second lady to grace the cover of one of his music albums, the 1995’s Days Like This.

The mother of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, yet again, got featured on the cover of his album titled, No Prima Donna: The Songs of Van Morrison. It was a tribute album that was released in October 1994.

Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, michelle rocca

During the passing of her ex-fiance, Michelle Rocca said this, “He was a wonderful father to Claudia; he and I had a very good relationship over the past number of years and he will be greatly missed by all of us.”

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Van Morrison, The Father of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison

van morrison, how tall is van morrison, janet planet, gigi lee age
CIRCA 1977: Rock and Roll singer Van Morrison poses for a publicity photo circa 1977. (Photo by: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Van Morrison is a Northern Irish singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is the biological father of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison. He was born on 31 August 1945 in Bloomfield, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Morrison was the only child of his parents. His father was a shipyard electrician named George Morrison, while his mother was a singer and dancer in her youth with the name of Violet Stitt Morrison.

A lot of people have been curious, and keep asking questions about the Irish singer such as What is Van Morrison’s real name, how tall is van Morrison, how much is van Morrison worth, is van Morrison married, van Morrison wife, his son, his children, van Morrison net worth, and so on.

We will try to give these questions an answer. Keep reading!


What is Van Morrison’s real name?

His real name is George Ivan “Van” Morrison also known as Sir George Ivan Morrison OBE. His nickname is Van The Man.


What Age is Van Morrison? How old is Van Morrison today?

The Irish singer was born on August 31, 1945. He turned 78 when he celebrated his birthday in 2023. As of the day of writing this article, Van Morrison will turn 79 years old of age in a few months.


Van Morrison height. How tall is Van Morrison?

The Father of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, Van Morrison, stands at a height of 1.65m. He is 5 ft. and 5 in tall.

Hopefully, that answers the question, ‘How tall is Van Morrison?’, and Van Morrison’s height.


The Wife of Van Morrison. Who is Van Morrison married to?

anet Rigsbee aka Janet Planet, how tall is van morrison, gigi lee age
UNITED STATES – JANUARY 01: WOODSTOCK Photo of Janet PLANET and Van MORRISON, with his wife Janet (Photo by Elliott Landy/Redferns)

The singer met and got married to Janet Rigsbee aka Janet Planet. The relationship lasted till 1973. But while they were together, the duo gave birth to a girl named Shana Morrison.

In the early 1990s, Van Morrison met his former wife, Michelle Rocca. Even though they tied the knot and gave birth to two children together, the couple still parted ways with a divorce in 2018.

However, it is said that the father of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison once had an affair with Gigi Lee, his tour manager. She allegedly gave birth to his child named George Ivan Morrison III.

Unfortunately, the child died in January 2011 at the age of 13 months. His mother, Gigi Lee, also passed away on October 7th of the same year.

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Who is Gigi Lee, What is her age?

Gigi Lee age
                                                         Gigi Lee

Gigi Lee was the tour manager of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison’s father who died in October 2011. She allegedly had an affair with Van, and as a result, gave birth to his baby, George Ivan Morrison III.

The child passed away in 2011.

She died at the age of 44. Gigi Lee would have been 57 years of age today.


Van Morrison Children

Van Morrison Children, how tall is van morrison, janet planet
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – FEBRUARY 4: Singer, songwriter, and musician Sir Van Morrison at Buckingham Palace, London, with daughter Shana Morrison after he was knighted by the Prince of Wales on February 4, 2016, in London, England. (Photo by Yui Mok – WPA Pool /Getty Images)

Van Morrison has a total of three children. The first child is a girl whose name is Shana Morrison. She is the daughter of Van with his first wife, Janet Rigsbee aka Janet Planet.

Then he has two other children with his second wife, Michelle Rocca. Their names are Aibbe Rocca Morrison and Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison. The latter is the only son of Van Morisson.

Not forgetting his late child with his tour manager, Gigi Lee, whose name was George Ivan Morrison III.

That’s it. Those are the children of Van Morrison.


Aibbe Rocca Morrison, The Sister of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison

Aibbe Rocca Morrison

Aibbe Rocca Morrison is the daughter and first child of Van Morrison with his second wife, Michelle Rocca. Aibbe Rocca Morrison is also the elder sister of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison.

She was born in 2006, a year before the birth of her little brother, Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison. As of the day of writing this article, Aibbe Rocca Morrison is 18 years old of age.

Due to the private childhood and upbringing of the children, certain details about them can’t be accessed at the moment such as education, photos, body measurements, and so on.

Her first name ‘Aibbe’ is a Hebrew word that means ‘father’s joy.’


Shana Morrison, The Half-sister of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison

janet planet,

Shana Morrison is an Irish-American singer and songwriter, who is also the daughter of Van Morrison with his first wife, Janet Rigsbee Minto aka Janet Planet. She is also the half-sibling of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison.

She was born on April 7, 1970, which means Shana Morrison is 53 years old of age as of the day of writing this article.

When she was three years old, her parents got divorced. She grew up in both her parent’s separate houses.

While in high school and college, the singer used to sing musicals and choirs. She went to Pepperdine University and graduated in 1993 with a business degree.

After that, Shana Morrison went with her father, Van Morrison, and his band on a year-long road tour.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Shana Morrison has a successful music career with an impressive fan base. She is doing very well, so to speak.


Van Morrison Net Worth. How Much is the father of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison, Van Morrison Worth?

Van Morrison is said to have an estimated net worth of around £68.1 million, which is $90 million.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Van Morrison Married?

After divorcing his former wife, Michelle Rocca, in 2018, the father of Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison has remained single since then. There hasn’t been any news of Van Morrison being married.

So, to answer the question, ‘Is Van Morrison Married?’, no, he is very much single.


Where does Van Morrison live currently?

He currently lives in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Did Van Morrison have a son?

He has a son named Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison.

Where is Michelle Rocca now?

She is now a psychology and motivational teacher with a master’s degree in philosophy and English.

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