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Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley: Meet Vanessa Carlton’s Daughter

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley: Meet Vanessa Carlton’s Daughter

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley is the first and only daughter of American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton and John McCauley. She was born on January 13, 2015, in the United States of America. Keep reading to find out more details about Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley such as her age, Vanessa Carlton, Husband, John Mccauley, net worth, Gwen Carlton, Michelle Branch, and so much more.

vanessa carlton Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley
Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley with mother, Vanessa Carlton

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Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley Wikipedia

As mentioned earlier, Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley is the daughter of American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton and John McCauley.

Her grandparents are Heidi Lee and Edmund Carlton.

The Meaning of “Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley”

Her first name ‘Sidney’ is of Old English origin which means ‘wide meadow’. The middle name, ‘Aoibheann’ has an Irish origin, which means ‘Fair Radiance’. The last name ‘Carlton-Mccauley’ is simply a combination of both her parents’ last names.


Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley Age

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley
Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley

Given that she was born on June 13, 2015, Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley is 8 years old of age.

Her parents post a lot of her pictures on their various social media accounts. In them, the kid is seen receiving tons of love and support from her folks.

The 8-year-old is currently schooling in a Montessori in Nashville, USA.

As both her parents are musicians, we can’t help but wonder if Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley will grow up and follow in their footsteps or lead a different career path.


The Birth of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley

Prior to her birth, her mother, Vanessa Carlton, had announced the pregnancy to her followers and fans on her Facebook page. At the time, Vanessa was recording her fifth studio album, Liberman.

Vanessa revealed her baby bump in the post, telling her fans that the album release date will be postponed. She also jokingly told them that the bump in her tummy wasn’t just a ‘bunch of croissants’, but an actual healthy and moving baby.

In no time, she began getting well-wishing comments from friends and loved ones, all congratulating her and wishing her well as she embarked on the motherhood journey.

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley was finally given birth on June 13, 2015. Vanessa Carlton and her husband, John McCauley shared their joyful news on their respective social media accounts.

The kid was born weighing in at 8 lbs., 1 oz., to her parents, Vanessa Carlton, and her husband, John McCauley, who tied the knot on December 27, 2013.

Through a selfie post on Instagram, Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley’s father shared the good news with the world. He captioned it, ‘Sid The Kid’

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Vanessa Carlton, The mother of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley

Vanessa Carlton Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley
Vanessa Carlton performs during The Donate Life Summer Concert Series at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA on August 5, 2009. (Photo by Polk Imaging/FilmMagic)

Vanessa Carlton is a singer-songwriter and also a pianist who is popularly known for her hit song “A Thousand Miles”. She is the mother of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley, and she has been happily married to John McCauley since December 27, 2013.

She was born “Vanessa Lee Carlton” on 16th August 1980 in Milford, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Her parents and the maternal grandparents of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley are Edmund Carlton, a pilot, and Heidi Lee Vanessa Carlton, a pianist and music teacher.

The singer is American by nationality and has a mixture of racial blood which is Swedish, Norwegian, and Ashkenazi Jewish. She has two siblings, a brother named Edmund Carlton, and a brother named Gwen Carlton.

Her Early Life and Education

Having a mom who is a pianist and a music teacher, Vanessa immediately became interested in music right from the young age of two. And even started playing the piano at that age.

She went to Montessori School and got her primary education. She grew fond of ballet and at the age of 14, then enrolled in the School of American Ballet in 1994. Young Vanessa got her high school education at the Professional Children’s School. And subsequently went to Columbia University.

Soon enough she started testing her musical talent by doing vocal performances at bars and clubs.


Her Career

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley vanessa carlton
Vanessa Carlton during WBLI Summer Jam 2002 – Backstage at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York, United States. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

Starting out, the mother of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley recorded a couple of demo mixtapes, which were sent to record companies hoping to secure a contract. She finally secured a contract with the co-founder of Interscope Records, Jimmy Iovine.

Even though she worked on her first album titled ‘Rinsed’, it never saw the light of day, as it was never released. However, the song ‘A Thousand Miles’ from her mixtape caught the attention of the president of A&M Records, Ron Fair.

With his input in the production and release of the song, it made its way to the Billboard Hot 100. Even generating several Grammy Award nominations.

In April 2002, ‘Be Not Nobody’, her debut album was finally released. It contained some songs from the previously unreleased album, ‘Rinse’. The album made its peak at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Her second album, ‘Harmonium’ which was released in November 2004 was a total failure, both on the charts and in the commercial department. Her third album, ‘Heroes & Thieves’, however, did a little better. Even though it failed commercially, some of the singles in it were minor hits.

‘Rabbits on the Run’ is her fourth album, released in July 2011. Its singles got a lot of positive reviews. Her fifth album was released in 2015 entitled, “Liberman.” In 2020, her sixth and most recent album to date was released with the title, “Love is an Art.”

Generally, ‘Be Not Nobody’ is her most successful album. It was certified gold in Canada, Australia, and the UK. And certified platinum in the US.

In 2003, she received three Grammy Award nominations for the single ‘A Thousand Miles’. This included a Grammy Award nomination for Song of the Year.

The American Music Awards also nominated her for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist.


Vanessa Carlton Net Worth

The mother of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley, Vanessa Carlton, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This was garnered all throughout her career.

She also has other business investments and sponsorship deals.


Vanessa Carlton Instagram

Vanessa Carlton can be found on Instagram with the username vanessacarltonactual. She has over 97 thousand followers and posts photos and videos about her family and music.


Who is Vanessa Carlton married to? Vanessa Carlton Husband, John Mccauley

John Mccauley is an American rock singer and songwriter who also happens to be the founding member of the rock band, Deer Tick. He is the husband of singer, Vanessa Carlton, together with whom they birthed Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley.

He was born ‘John Joseph McCauley III’ on June 14, 1986, in Providence, Rhode Island. Even though information regarding his early life, parents, and education isn’t available, we do know that he is American by nationality.

His ethnic background is white and has a Gemini zodiac sign.


His Career

Back in high school, John Mccauley played for different rock bands, he was part of “Sonic Youth rip-off band” in particular. He also learned how to play piano, drums, guitar, and pedal steel.

While still in school, he began recording his own compositions and doing some tours in the area. He went even further after graduation, by touring the whole country.

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The father of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley started his career in 2004 when he founded the rock band, Deer Tick. The band even performed at Dudefest, which is a local Rhode Island festival.

Even though the band goes on regular tours, it has never released any new music for a very long time. And then finally, Deer Tick dropped two albums simultaneously in September 2017.


His Net Worth

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley john mccaulay

The exact details of his net worth are not known. According to some sources, John Mccauley has an estimated net worth of $33 million. Other sources claim the father of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley has way less amount of fortune to his name.

We can’t confirm the assumptions for now, but we will surely keep you posted.


How did Vanessa Carlton meet her husband, John Mccauley

The musician parents of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley have been married since December 27, 2013. Even though Vanessa Carlton came out as bisexual In 2010, details about how she and John Mccauley met are not available.

But seeing they happen to be in the same professional industry, it is only safe to assume they crossed paths during a music-related occasion.

It is worth knowing that John used to be into heavy drinking and drug usage before meeting his wife. Ever since their daughter, Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley, was born, he curtailed the acts drastically.

The 7-year-old child is also known to be a spitting image of her mother.


Vanessa Carlton John McCauley Split

Vanessa Carlton and her husband John Mccauley are still married, and there is no news about their divorce. The couple has been married for over 9 years and still going strong.


Gwen Carlton

Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley

Gwen Carlton happens to be the younger sister of Vanessa Carlton, in turn being the aunt of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley. After a quick search on the internet, much information isn’t found about Gwen Carlton.

At the moment we can’t provide data about the early life, childhood, education, or career of Gwen Carlton. We only know that she is a younger sibling of the mother of Sidney Aoibheann Carlton-Mccauley.

However, we will surely keep you updated with any news regarding Gwen Carlton.


Michelle Branch


Michelle Branch
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 01: Michelle Branch attends the UNICEF Next Generation Los Angeles at SkyBar at the Mondrian Los Angeles on May 1, 2014, in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Michelle Branch is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who was born on July 2, 1983, in Sedona, Arizona, United States. She is 39 years old of age as of the date of writing this article.

Michelle Branch vanessa carlton

Michelle Branch has been known to have a striking resemblance with Vanessa Carlton. The two are often mistaken for one another.


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