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Wendy Etris: Meet AJ Styles’ Wife

Wendy Etris: Meet AJ Styles’ Wife

Wendy Etris

Wendy Etris is a celebrity spouse best known as the wife of American professional wrestler AJ Styles. Please keep reading to learn more about Wendy Etris such as her age, Wikipedia, height, young, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Ajay Covell Jones, and more.


Wendy Etris Wikipedia

As mentioned, Wendy Etris is the wife of American professional wrestler AJ Styles. Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones are her children.

Information about her early life, parents, and siblings is unknown.


Wendy Etris Age

She was born in 1978 in North Carolina, United States. Wendy Etris is currently 46 years old, as of the date of writing the article.


Wendy Etris Height

She is estimated to stand at a height of between between 5ft 4in and 5ft 7in.


Wendy Etris AJ Styles

Wendy Etris

Wendy Etris and AJ Styles met and dated for a while before tying the knot in 2000. They have been together ever since and are proud parents of four children: Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones.


Wendy Etris Young

At the moment, there are no young photos of Wendy Etris.


AJ Styles

TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 30: Wrestling superstar AJ Styles attends the 2018 Fan Expo Canada at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on August 30, 2018, in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images)

AJ Styles is the husband of Wendy Etris and an American professional wrestler. He was born on 2 June 1977, in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, United States.


AJ Styles Age

He is 46 years old, as of the date of writing the article. He will celebrate his 47th birthday on 2 June 1977.

Growing up, he attended Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia where he graduated in the class of 1996.


His Career

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA- APRIL 19: AJ Styles defeats LA Knightduring SmackDown at PPG Paints Arena on April 19, 2024 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by WWE/Getty Images)

AJ Styles kickstarted his professional journey in the late 1990s, dedicating himself to refining his skills across various independent promotions.

His early years epitomized a relentless quest for perfection, as he traversed the globe, absorbing wisdom from seasoned veterans and perfecting his craft within the squared circle.

In 2002, the wrestling world witnessed AJ Styles’ debut in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where his exceptional athleticism and prowess inside the ring swiftly garnered acclaim.

Yet, it was his tenure in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) that propelled him into the limelight.

As a linchpin of the X Division, AJ Styles captivated audiences with his aerial maneuvers and groundbreaking wrestling techniques, clinching multiple championship titles and etching his name as a revered figure in TNA’s history.

Fast forward to 2016, and AJ Styles made his highly anticipated debut in WWE, heralding the commencement of a new chapter in his illustrious career.

From his memorable Royal Rumble introduction to his riveting showdowns against esteemed rivals like John Cena and Randy Orton, AJ Styles wasted no time in leaving an indelible mark on the WWE Universe.

His unparalleled skill set and magnetic charisma endeared him to fans across the globe, solidifying his stature as one of WWE’s premier talents.

Throughout his remarkable journey, AJ Styles has amassed many achievements, boasting multiple world championship reigns and many Match of the Year accolades.

His consistent ability to deliver captivating performances has earned him the admiration of his peers and fans worldwide.

Whether executing gravity-defying aerial maneuvers or engaging in intense battles with the industry’s elite, AJ Styles continues to redefine the boundaries of excellence within the wrestling ring.

He appeared on the MTV self-improvement reality television series titled Made.


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His Net Worth

AJ Styles has an estimated net worth of around $8 million. He earned this through his professional career working as an American professional wrestler.


AJ Styles Wife Wendy Etris

His wife is Wendy Etris. Wendy Etris and AJ Styles crossed paths and entered a relationship before exchanging vows in 2000.

Since then, they have remained united in marriage, journeying through life together as partners.

AJ Styles’ Wife Age

His wife is currently 46 years old.


Ajay Covell Jones

Ajay Covell Jones, the eldest child of renowned American professional wrestler AJ Styles, inherited his middle name from AJ’s close friend, Daniel Covell.

Alongside Ajay, AJ Styles and his spouse share three other children: Anney Jones, Albey Jones, and Avery Jones.

He is 19 years old. Ajay Covell Jones was born on May 3, 2005.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Wendy Jones married to?

She is married to AJ Styles.


How did AJ Styles meet his wife?

They first met as students back in Johnson High School.


How many kids does AJ Styles have?

He has four children: Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones.

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